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When you choose NuGreen for your turf maintenance you're choosing a company that goes beyond the typical aeration process.


NuGreen Turf uses a new process that delivers one promise – AIR! Our aeration process can inject air up to 12 inches deep to the root of your turf.

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With the Air2G2 machine we can aerate your turf that goes beyond the old process. Your turf will be infused with nutrients allowing it to handle all land areas and weather.


Find out more about the Air2G2 and why it's the best choice for the maintenance of your turf.

What is the Air2G2?

Benefits of Air2G2

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We even have the Air2G2 available for lease. You could have the freedom to aerify anytime you'd like.

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You don't have to shutdown business when it's time to aerate your turf. Contact NuGreen today!

Aerification – "to infuse or inject air"

We provide a newly patented process that gives your turf grass aerification anytime. You'll never have to shutdown, which means NO loss of revenue!

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