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Traditional Core-Aerification process, incredible results

Nu-Green is dedicated to providing you with superior aeration service every time. We use the Toro ProCore 648 with its Turf Pride core harvesting attachments. With Toro ProCore you'll have more options when it comes to sizing and spacing so that your turf receives the surface displacement it requires.


We use a process that eliminates the possibility of rutting, ripping or tearing of the greens that often happens with other core harvesting machines.


1. Vericut

2. Top-dress

3. Core aerification with the Toro Pro Core648

4. Roll

5. Brush or drag remaining sand into open holes

Our suggested recipe for success


Your turf never looked so healthy!

You'll notice results instantly. When you choose NuGreen Turf for their core-aerification process we promise that you'll have a turf that is stronger and healthier to fight through Florida's hot climate.

NuGreen is proud to provide the newest technique for aerifcation of your turf. The Air2G2 gives our professionals the ability to aerify your turf without serious disruption!

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Transform the look and the health of your turf with the proper aerification process.