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The benefits of Air2G2

When your turf is aerated by the Air2G2, air is injected into the soil below the black layer. The air is forced to move laterally and upward to the root. The fractures that are created through the soil allow air flow from the bottom of the root to the surface. Inserting air from the bottom up allows you're playing surface to become healthier. You'll have healthier roots, more vibrant leaves, and maintenance of good microbial activity.

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Why do you need to aerify?

Most turf problems arise from compaction of the soil. When the space between soil or sand becomes restricted, air, water and nutrients are unable to get to the root. Black layer can form, which is an anaerobic layer of soil that inhibits root growth which causes the soil becomes stagnant.


Compaction can form from foot traffic, mechanical use and nature. Without good porosity of the soil, roots will be unable to gain the oxygen molecules necessary to absorb nutrients. That's why it's important to have your turf aerated.

The health of your turf is important to us.

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The Air2G2 will revitalize your turf

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• Compaction reduction

• Root growth

• Fertilizer reduction

• Water reduction

• Fungicide reduction

• Nutrient activation

• Heal or deter bad microbial activity

• Climate resistant turf

• No loss of revenue

• Much more!


Do you have standing water?

The Air2G2 uses 3.5 inch probes that are pneumatically driven 10 to 12" into the soil. It then injects compressed air 18 to 24" horizontally in all directions. It will then start the fracturing and displacing process from the subsoil to the surface. Bye-bye water!