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We're in the business of transforming Jacksonville's turf into strong, healthy, green field space. Our professionals are dedicated to your satisfaction.

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Air2G2 = Aerification SUCCESS!

Once you discover the benefits of the Air2G2 for aerating your turf you'll never go back to the old way of doing things! The machine allows us to aerify your greens, wet areas, highly compacted areas and hydrophobic areas without the disruption of your business.


The Air2G2 is the product of 25 years of research and development. This product will transform any turf area damaged by the elements into superb green space!

Kills fungus and bacteria

Aerification anytime with no shutdown, slowdown, or loss

of revenue!

The air pressure that is forced into your soil is done to give the soil more porosity. This process kills fungus and bacteria and then releases positive nutrients that are trapped in the normally compacted areas. Your turf will thank you with beautiful green space.

Do you have standing water?

The Air2G2 uses 3.5 inch probes that are pneumatically driven 10 to 12" into the soil. It then injects compressed air 18 to 24" horizontally in all directions. It will then start the fracturing and displacing process from the subsoil to the surface. Bye-bye water!

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